Friday, April 4, 2008


The Vallejo Museum Blog comes to you from the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum in Vallejo, California. Vallejo was founded as California's state capital and for 142 years the city was the home of the Mare Island Naval Shipyard. The Vallejo Museum Blog is a place to tell stories about the history of Vallejo and Mare Island, and to share news about exhibits and events at the Museum. As we like to say at the Vallejo Museum, "History Involves You!" so feel free to join in the discussion if you have an interesting historical tale to tell.


  1. Hope you got my email. Perhaps we can come up with some compelling plays which will get people from all over to visit and enjoy your museum.

    Dennis Posadas
    Author, Playwright and Columnist

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  3. Excellent blog, please let me know if Mariano Vallejo's memories were already published in spanish (or english, but as the original is in spanish I prefer it in spanish) :
    "Recuerdos históricos y personales tocantes a la Alta California, 1769-1849"
    I am quite interesting in reading about the daily life and history of early California, and I think this is an unvaluable source.
    It si surprising for me that it hasn't published yet, or I can not find it.