Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Early Vallejo Breweries

Founded by German immigrants Charles Widenmann and Peter Rothen- busch, the Solano Brewery was renowned for its Solano Steam Beer. By 1891 the Marin Street facility had a brewing capacity of 6,000 barrels a year and boasted its own malting house. Charles Widenmann later bought out his partner and continued operating the brewery until 1918. Like many cities, Vallejo boasted several small breweries in the years prior to Prohibition. Among these were the Solano Brewery on Marin Street, the Pioneer Brewery at the corner of Marin and Carolina Streets, and the Philadelphia Brewery in South Vallejo.


  1. The Philadelphia Brewery in South Vallejo was located on the Southeast corner of 4th (now Sonoma Blvd) and Chestnut Sts. It was operated for many yrs by J.F. Deininger as the Gold Edge Bottling Works.
    Tom Quinn

  2. Is the abovementioned Solano brewery any relation to Vallejo Brewing Co. which says in it's timeline, "burned during a snowstorm" in 1915?

  3. Does anyone know what was the last day of operations?