Monday, August 25, 2008

Casa de Vallejo Fire

One of Vallejo's most distinctive landmarks, the Casa de Vallejo, suffered a major fire during the early morning hours of August 15th. Three residents of the senior housing complex died and m0re than a hundred were left homeless. Casa de Vallejo was built in 1919 as Vallejo's Industrial YMCA. The building was purchased by hotelier Harry Handlery in 1928 and converted into Vallejo's first luxury hotel. Casa de Vallejo has been a senior residence complex since 1978.

The Casa de Vallejo is located on Sonoma Blvd. in Vallejo, immediately adjacent to the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum, which is located in Vallejo's historic Old City Hall. Fortunately for the Museum, rapid response by fire crews from Vallejo and surrounding communities prevented the fire from spreading to adjoining buildings.

The accompanying photographs show the beautiful mission style interior of the Casa de Vallejo. Hopefully reconstruction of the building will preserve these unique historic features. Click on the photos for an enlarged view.


  1. I recently purchased a table at a yard sale from a man who had lived in Vallejo. He told me the table was from a hotel that had recently had a fire so I looked it up. I was born and raised in SoCal so the table was of particular interest to me, but seeing the picture of the lounge and a little round table that is sitting in my kitchen in Houston, TX is very cool.

  2. they have the nerve to open that place again i met a poor lady who had no legs and there was a problem again with the alarms and they made her go to a motel and would not even let her get her thing those people have no sole and they should have never open that place