Saturday, February 7, 2009

Snowstorms and Movie Stars

A few tidbits of local history from 91 years ago:

From the Vallejo Evening Chronicle -
February 19, 1918

"5 Inches of Snow in Green Valley at Noon Today"

“Five inches of snow at the city’s property in Green Valley with no indication of the snow storm abating was the news received here at 12:30 today from C.W. Douglass in a telephone message to his family. This is one of the heaviest snow storms the valley has experienced in several winters and aside from making the mountains particularly beautiful in their white mantle, means much for the water supply."

From the Vallejo Evening Chronicle -
February 27, 1918

Fatty Arbuckle, motion picture star, spent part of yesterday afternoon at the Mare Island Barracks, helping the marines provide some good publicity in the shape of motion pictures to be used in recruiting work, and incidentally giving the children of the station the event of their young lives."

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