Monday, April 6, 2009

Aerial Bicycle Club

The Aerial Bicycle Club was one of several popular bike groups in Vallejo around the turn of the 20th century. The clubs took bicycle excursions to surrounding communities and held races at the Cyclodrome, which was located near the present day intersection of Georgia Street and Wallace Avenue.

The Aerials eventually built a 14-mile cinder bike path between Napa and Vallejo, complete with wooden bridges over the small streams.

In April, 1896 the Aerials proposed a race between area clubs from Calistoga to Vallejo. The Vallejo Evening Chronicle reported on the planned event:

“The Aerial Bicycle Club are endeavoring to complete arrangements for a fifty mile relay race to take place some time in May. The course proposed is from Calistoga to Vallejo, and the boys are in hopes of having the clubs of Napa and Solano counties represented. Last year an effort was made by the Aerials to have a relay race, but the other riders did not seem anxious to participate in it.

“Sunday Harry Wilson and Ed McGettigan were in Napa getting the views of the Napa cyclists on the matter.

“Should the event come off the road is one that will try the mettle of the riders, who are selected to ride from Napa to Vallejo, but the Aerials are second to none on that particular road and we will expect to see the maroon sweater with the A.B.C. [Aerials Bicycle Club] in the lead.”

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