Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving at the Orphanage, 1910

From 1869 to 1922 the Good Templar's Home for Orphans in Vallejo provided care for needy children from throughout California. After it closed, the grounds of the former Home served as the Vallejo Municipal Golf Course. In the 1930s the Vista de Vallejo subdivision was built on the hilltop location.

In November 1910 the Vallejo Evening Chronicle reported on the sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner prepared for the Home's residents that year. The dinner, according to the paper, "was well worth looking upon. The heavily laden tables were covered with snow white table cloths and spread upon them was a wealth of roast turkey, cranberry sauce, fruit, candy, cakes, pies, and other good things. There was an abundance of everything; two huge turkeys being set aside to be used later. The Home contains 112 children at the present time and every one of them was made happy... through the generosity of our people. Those having charge of the arrangements for the dinner desire to thank the employees of the Mare Island Navy Yard and the people of Vallejo for their liberality."

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. if you go up past vallejo middle school Amador at the vallejo high school tennis court take a right at El Comino Real and follow to top of hill
    The home,had a dairy that produced thousands of gallons of milk, acres of apples, mulberries, [one tree still produces the sweetest mulberries
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  2. Amador street in Vallejo make a right by Vallejo high school's tennis courts on El Comino Real, goes up the hill to La Crescenda