Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mare Island Boiler Shop, 1901

Mare Island grew in importance as a shipbuilding and repair facility following America’s naval victories during the Spanish-American War. In July 1901, workers from the Navy Yard’s Boiler Shop posed for this photo in front of a massive riveted ship’s boiler. Shop employees, from left to right, included (front row) George Boyle, William Kelly, Jackson W. Oliver, Richard Caverly, Edward Fugier, John Sherry, George J. Campbell, William Robb, John F. O’Keefe, Robert Bruce, Isaac Shaw, Elmer Gormley, Richard Ryall, John J. Nolan, Orville Tobias, Thomas McDonough; (second row) John Hughes, John Healy, Patrick Hefferman, Frank R. Klotz, William Conboy, T. Brosnahan, John Mangold, James Earley, Fred Brown, Henry Mackenzie, Mike Conley, Grant Allen; (back row) John Witt, P. M. Barrett, James McCue, Edward Kavanagh, S. J. Reardon, George Day, William Taliaferro. Standing in the rear is A. J. Noble, Jr.