Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas in Vallejo, 1896

Miss Annie Pennycook hosted a holiday gathering of her close friends on Christmas Day, 1896. The celebration included refreshments, holiday games and an exchange of gifts. Among those who enjoyed the festivities were A.E. Lucy, Lavina Bushnell, Ethel Cutler, Jean Brownlie, Estelle Lucy, Grace Brownlie, Maud Harrier, Maud Rounds, Belle Roney, A.L. Halliday, John Rothschild, Milton Cutler, G.G. Halliday, B. Beinenfeld, L.G. Harrier, Will Green, Johnston Cooper, James Topley, and Herbert Diamond. Pennycook was a teacher and principal in the Vallejo schools for more than 40 years, and Pennycook Elementary School was later named in her honor.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vallejo's Holiday Fashions - 1880

The Vallejo Evening Chronicle reported on Vallejo's holiday fashion trends on December 3, 1880:

Now look out for holiday gifts.
Amaranth red is the favorite shade.
Yellow blonde hair is no longer stylish.
The Sara Bernhardt gloves are very stylish.
Muffs to match bonnets or coats are fashionable.
Fashion may be studied in the church or theatre.
Little girl’s coats are to have hoods at the back.
Sashes are worn with nearly all the new costumes.
Large hats are most becoming to children, and continue in vogue.
Chinese and Hindoo designs are seen upon many of the new dress materials.
Bayadere stripes will be again worn for underskirts. They come in new silk and wool materials.
A novelty is the floral pocket, which is likely to be worn very much this season on evening and full dress toilets.
Jersey webbing in the new shades of red, purple, wine-red, and variations of olive are among the new dress goods.